«This is a beautiful collection! I’ve never seen such a wonderful display. Thank You, I have enjoyed.»
Stephani Smith, USA:
«A very important collection of minerals and stones! Geologist of all the world should be interested. Such fine examples are very rare to find them all together in one room!»
Louise Keller, Holland:
«One of the best in the World.»
Shachua Sun, Institute of Geotectonics Academia Sinica:
«An excellent museum! Thank you very much for the opportunity to visit. I think it is one of the best educational collections, I have seen. I very much like the organization of displays and the mixture of older traditional displays with more modern interesting combinations of geology and art which can interest everyone. I look forward to visiting again!»
Jolyon Ralph, :
«Thank you very much!! This is a wonderful geological and mineralogical museum. All best wishes from Germany!»
Thomas Seifert, Professor for Ore Deposit Geology at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg In Saxony:
Central Research Geological Prospecting Museum named after Academician F.N. Chernyshev (TsNIGR MUSEUM)

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